In her fifth book, New Brunswick historian and University of New Brunswick (UNB) alumna Melynda Jarratt (BA’86, MA’95) provides a window into the world of the Canadian Forestry Corps through the eyes of her grandfather, Blackville-born Pat Hennessy. Letters from Beauly: Pat Hennessy and the Canadian Forestry Corps in Scotland 1940-1945 is the 23rd volume… Read More »

A 15-year-old student from Quebec has discovered what could be the site of a lost Mayan city thanks to advice from a University of New Brunswick researcher. Armand LaRocque, a remote sensing expert at UNB, has helped William Gadoury prove his theory about the relationship between constellations and Mayan cities. Mr. Gadoury believed citizens built… Read More »

There are 22,205 trees lining the streets of Fredericton. You can trust that number, because forestry students at the University of New Brunswick visited each and every one. Over the past two years, the graduating UNB forestry classes spent months in the field assembling a street tree inventory before devising a street tree management plan… Read More »

Researchers from the Forest Watershed Research Center of the faculty of forestry and environmental management at UNB were recently recognized for their contributions to environmental stewardship in the province of Alberta.  Their work on the Centre-inspired Wet-Areas Mapping Initiative (WAM) was instrumental in helping the Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) win… Read More »

Authors stress importance of informed, scientific opinions in the policy process. At a time when scientists in some sectors are increasingly constrained in what they are allowed to say about their climate related research findings, it is more important than ever to highlight the informed opinions of New Brunswick’s scientists on how ecosystems may change… Read More »

Boundaries for UNB’s Creighton Conservation Forest (CCF) – a portion of UNB’s heritage lands that was set aside for conservation in 2011 – have been established in the UNB Woodlot. The CCF advisory committee – made up of faculty, students, UNB administration and community members – has allocated approximately 50% of the 3,800 acre woodlot… Read More »

The transatlantic forestry master dual degree program (TRANSFOR-M), which started in 2010, allows students to spend one year working on their degree in Canada and one year at a European institution. Students in the program will earn both a Canadian and a European master’s degree in forestry and environmental management.  UNB’s faculty of forestry and… Read More »

Inspired by Lucy’s booth on Charlie Brown, Judy MacLean decided to set up a ‘Librarian is in’ kiosk at UNB Fredericton’s Science and Forestry Library. “The end of term is a very stressful time for students,” said MacLean, who has worked as a librarian at UNB off and on for 20 years. “I wanted to… Read More »

FREDERICTON – When John Abernethy (BSE CE ‘57) made the switch from studying forestry to engineering at the University of New Brunswick, he couldn’t have known the journey he was about to begin. His work in the field of construction engineering, managing projects both large and small, led him from remote parts of the Canadian… Read More »

A PhD student at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton is working to develop a set of guidelines for the forest industry that will allow a balance between protecting forest soils and utilizing biomass (tree limbs and tops) as a source of bio-energy. Forests are an extremely valuable natural resource in large part because… Read More »

Industry, universities, and environmental organizations have teamed up to establish a collaborative process to discuss sustainable forest management in New Brunswick. The Collaborative Research Partnership for Sustainable Forest Management received more than $990,000 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) under its Community-University Research Alliance (CURA). The grant supports a collaborative… Read More »

According to Yonghao Ni, director of the Limerick Pulp and Paper Research and Education Centre at the University of New Brunswick, the Canadian pulp and paper industry needs research and innovation to stay competitive in the world market. “Pulp and paper is Canada’s largest manufacturing industry and has been a world leader in technological advances,”… Read More »