Canadian writer Margaret Atwood will participate in a new business course being offered this winter at the University of New Brunswick. Entitled The Environment, Society and Business, the course will focus on issues of sustainability, and will include writings, films, and speakers from different disciplines including the arts, biology and business. Along with Atwood, the… Read More »

As part of the annual Hynes Memorial Lecture series, David Schindler, Kilam Memorial Professor of Ecology, University of Alberta; and founder of the Experimental Lakes Area, will come to UNB to talk about the oil sands. Two lectures will be presented in partnership with the Canadian Rivers Institute on Nov. 15 and 16: The Oil… Read More »

Water is the essence of life on our planet. The health of the world’s ecosystems depends on it. This summer we experienced near record drought conditions in many parts of the world. Most of the planet is water but it seems scarcer than ever. Yet, Canada and New Brunswick are awash with water…aren’t we? We… Read More »

The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) at the University of New Brunswick released the St. John River State of the Environment Report today—a document created after a decade of research on New Brunswick’s largest river system. Researchers found that the overall quality of water in the river has improved in the last 40 years, but there… Read More »

The University of New Brunswick has improved its grade on an international green report card for post-secondary education institutions prepared by a U.S.-based non-profit organization. The Sustainable Endowments Institute in Cambridge, Mass., is releasing its 2011 College Sustainability Report Card today, and UNB, with its grade of B , is marking the second year in… Read More »