There are 22,205 trees lining the streets of Fredericton. You can trust that number, because forestry students at the University of New Brunswick visited each and every one. Over the past two years, the graduating UNB forestry classes spent months in the field assembling a street tree inventory before devising a street tree management plan… Read More »

Researchers have figured out what makes certain chemicals accumulate to toxic levels in aquatic food webs. And, scientists have developed a screening technique to determine which chemicals pose the greatest risk to the environment. According to the study published today in Environmental Science & Technology, two traits were identified that indicate how chemicals can build… Read More »

Michael MacSween, Suncor Energy Inc. executive vice-president for major projects is the next speaker in UNB’s Andrews Initiative’s series on Energy and the Environment. Mr. MacSween will present his talk, entitled “Working Together: Creating a Shared Energy Future,” on Tuesday, November 12 at 7 p.m., at the Wu Conference Centre Auditorium, at UNB Fredericton.  He… Read More »

Legal expert Nicole O’Byrne, assistant professor in the University of New Brunswick’s faculty of law, recently weighed in on the debate over shale gas development in New Brunswick. O’Byrne was featured on the front page of the Times and Transcript on November 1. Read the full story below. Anti-shale gas court case could work, says… Read More »

Increasing temperatures have received much of the focus in climate change research, but how much do we know about the affect of extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods on stream life?  One of the world’s top scientists in this field, Bobbi Peckarsky (University of Wisconsin, is coming to the University of New Brunswick… Read More »

NB Power has engaged a group of internationally respected scientists to provide independent research on the potential environmental impacts of the future options being considered for the Mactaquac Generating Station. The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) at the University of the New Brunswick and its partners will evaluate key environmental challenges related to Mactaquac’s future, including… Read More »

Shale gas exploration and development, nuclear power generation, conventional and combined cycle combustion plants, wind power or tidal power generation – what are the environmental consequences and how do we decide what’s best? A new multidisciplinary course, “Energy and the Environment: Designing the Future,” will examine the factors underlying the choices we make and the… Read More »

Researchers at the University of New Brunswick have developed an environmental monitoring system that can track pollution, road conditions and air quality. Dr. Brad Nickerson, Dillon Matchett and Victoria Pimentel from UNB’s computer science program partnered with Red Ball Internet this summer to launch a prototype of their technology to monitor pollution in Moncton. The… Read More »

Chris Turner, one of Canada’s leading writers and speakers on sustainability and the global cleantech industry, will shed light on the global sustainability movement as the Andrews Initiative Speakers Series on Energy and the Environment continues. Boundlessly optimistic about the future and refreshingly pragmatic about the path that leads us there, Turner will present his… Read More »

The Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI) today released a new five-year innovative research plan focused on protecting and improving the health of rivers.  The timing of the research plan coincides with the recurring theme of river and water management headlines in the news related to changes to the Fisheries Act, concerns of hydro-fracking and other resource… Read More »

Researchers from the Forest Watershed Research Center of the faculty of forestry and environmental management at UNB were recently recognized for their contributions to environmental stewardship in the province of Alberta.  Their work on the Centre-inspired Wet-Areas Mapping Initiative (WAM) was instrumental in helping the Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) win… Read More »

Authors stress importance of informed, scientific opinions in the policy process. At a time when scientists in some sectors are increasingly constrained in what they are allowed to say about their climate related research findings, it is more important than ever to highlight the informed opinions of New Brunswick’s scientists on how ecosystems may change… Read More »

The latest in environmental history from Atlantic Canada is now available from UNB’s regional history publisher, Acadiensis Press. Land and Sea: Environmental History in Atlantic Canada is an original exploration of the relationship between people and the environment in Atlantic Canada, from the native-settler interactions of the 17th century to the present-day challenges of resource… Read More »

Critical Thinking, Ethical Decision-Making, & Environmental Public Policy: A Panel Presentation will be held Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at 2:30-4 p.m. in Marshall d’Avray Hall, Room 143, UNB Fredericton.       The presenters will be: Scott Dunham, from UNB’s department of philosophy who will present Virtuous Communities, Virtuous Ecosystems. Mario Levesque, department of politics & international… Read More »

Thomas Homer-Dixon, best-selling author and leading Canadian thinker, will be the featured speaker at the next Andrews Initiative Year of Energy and the Environment event. Dr. Homer-Dixon will speak on “The Coming Energy Transition: Shock, Innovation and Resilience” on Tuesday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the Wu Conference Centre, at the University of New… Read More »