UNB’s faculty of education has partnered with the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation and the Jimmy Pratt Family Foundation to conduct a feasibility study into an online bachelor of education degree in early childhood education. UNB hopes the study will provide the foundational information to create a pathway for students to complete existing early… Read More »

Anyone who has excelled in business knows that it can be lonely at the top. The University of New Brunswick Executive Education Centre at the College of Extended Learning (CEL) has developed a new Executive Education Program: Transforming Leadership, which offers business leaders the opportunity to come together with like-minded executives to connect and collaborate… Read More »

Ever since Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, Canada has been a leading supporter of the country’s nascent democracy. The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) has partnered with the Canadian government in support of civil society development and public sector reform since the early days of the new Ukraine, through the Orange Revolution, to… Read More »

How do we teach children to be literate in today’s world?  With changing modes of communication, does ‘being literate’ mean something different than it used to?  These are a couple of the questions researcher Jennifer Rowsell will touch on during her talk at the University of New Brunswick. On Tuesday, Feb. 12, UNB’s faculty of education will… Read More »

On Thursday Dec. 6, UNB’s faculty of education will present a Colloquium Series with Katy Arnett at 7 p.m. In Room 356 of Marshall d’Avray Hall, UNB Fredericton. Dr. Arnett will present English learners in U.S. Schools: The successes and pitfalls of federal education policies and programs. Though one of the core principles of the U.S.… Read More »

On Thursday, Nov. 22, Jeffrey Landine, assistant professor with UNB’s faculty of education, will present Finding satisfaction at work; finding satisfaction from work at 7 p.m. at Marshall d’Avray Hall, 10 MacKay Dr., in Room 356, at UNB Fredericton. A recent national survey done by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) indicated that Canadians… Read More »

This past summer, seven UNB students from the faculties of nursing, kinesiology, law, arts and engineering participated in the UNB Students for Development Program funded by the Government of Canada and administered by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. UNB will host Malawi Night where students will share their experiences with the public… Read More »

Ten-day experience has big impact on classrooms across Canada Seventeen teachers from across Canada will never teach about the First and Second World Wars the same again. The teachers and prospective teachers, ranging from St. John’s to Winnipeg, were part of the Cleghorn War and Memory Study tour of France and Belgium in July delivered… Read More »

We know how much angry mail politicians are going to receive on the subject of EI reform. So we’d like to pose a couple of provocative questions: What if New Brunswickers do not need better Employment Insurance benefits? What if the people of this province would benefit more from better access to effective education?

The biggest challenges facing our province are well known; we have an aging population and a sluggish economy. At the same time, we don’t have enough opportunities to retain young New Brunswickers, creating a dangerous cycle that only makes our government’s struggles to pay for our hospitals, roads and schools even more difficult. There are… Read More »

The University of New Brunswick’s Faculty of Education will hold its first Dr. Ottilia Chareka Memorial Lecture in Education and Social Justice on Thursday, Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. This inaugural lecture will be given by Carla L. Peck from the University of Alberta who will present a talk titled “I’m Stuck! “Social Justice” and… Read More »

A group of education students celebrated Science and Technology Week by gaining some hands-on experience this weekend. University of New Brunswick students presented a series of experiments, demonstrations and activities at Science East on Saturday. The goal was to give them a chance to prepare lessons for a multi-age audience about topics they weren’t previously… Read More »