By Eddy Campbell The following commentary appeared in the October 24, 2015 edition of the Telegraph-Journal under the headline ‘UNB represents significant investment.’ Earlier this month, the University of New Brunswick released a detailed assessment of the economic impact it has on this province as it carries through on its critical missions – to advance… Read More »

Commentary: UNB takes sexual assault seriously By Dr. Rice FullerSenior Director, Health and WellnessUniversity of New Brunswick, Fredericton It has recently been suggested in the media (both on and off-campus) that UNB is not working hard enough to address the issue of sexual assault on campus because we have not yet produced a finalized, stand-alone… Read More »

UNB President Eddy Campbell’s opinion piece, “Universities transform our economic future” appeared in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Tue Mar 10 2015 Page: A7 Section: Opinion Byline: Eddy CampbellCommentary  Your recent editorial on higher education in the province (“Universities need complete refocus,” Feb. 25) perpetuates fundamental misconceptions about the role and impact of… Read More »

Brenda Lee’s newly published study in tracking the contact between couples who break up is among the first of its kind—even though breaking up is the strongest predictor of first onset of Major Depressive Disorder, and a leading cause of suicide among young adults. “The Ex-Factor: the characteristics of online and offline post-relationship contact and tracking… Read More »

Poets and literary enthusiasts from across Canada will converge at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton this weekend for the annual Poetry Weekend. “Poetry Weekend is the most beloved poetry festival in Canada,” says UNB English Professor Ross Leckie.  “It is the only festival that has nationally renowned poets coming from Montreal and Toronto… Read More »

UNB President Eddy Campbell’s opinion piece, “Building a Better New Brunswick” appeared in the New Brunswick Telegraph Journal on Monday, Sept. 22, 2014. Let’s develop a culture of innovation New Brunswick Telegraph JournalSat Sep 20 2014Page: A13Section: OpinionByline: Eddy Campbell Commentary Many important conversations are taking place about New Brunswick’s economic future, and for good… Read More »

We were deeply shocked and saddened upon hearing of the tragic events that unfolded in Calgary on Tuesday. We have learned that the lives of five students were taken as they celebrated the end of term together off campus. As administrators, educators and students, we know that safety is a necessary condition for our learning… Read More »

We know how much angry mail politicians are going to receive on the subject of EI reform. So we’d like to pose a couple of provocative questions: What if New Brunswickers do not need better Employment Insurance benefits? What if the people of this province would benefit more from better access to effective education?

In the Ultimate Dog Tease, one of You Tube’s most popular videos of 2011 (now almost 94 million views), a man’s voice teases a dog with descriptions of maple-flavoured bacon and other tasty morsels, and the talking dog responds with increasing emotion as each treat goes elsewhere. I chuckle every time I watch, but the clip also reminds me of the importance of teaching because this entertaining conversation is, of course, not conversation at all; it’s an amusing illusion created by brilliant editing.

The biggest challenges facing our province are well known; we have an aging population and a sluggish economy. At the same time, we don’t have enough opportunities to retain young New Brunswickers, creating a dangerous cycle that only makes our government’s struggles to pay for our hospitals, roads and schools even more difficult. There are… Read More »