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UNB filmmakers crowdfunding to support movie production

Author: UNB Newsroom

Posted on May 18, 2018

Category: UNB Fredericton

Three filmmakers from the University of New Brunswick are asking for public support to help bring their feature film to the big screen.

Dr. Robert Gray (English), Dr. Matt Rogers (Education), and graduate and filmmaker Jon Dewar have launched a crowdfunding campaign as they move forward with production of their film, Entropic.

Entropic, a psychological film based off an award-winning short story and book written by Dr. Gray, tells the story of M, who has become exhausted with his superficial life and feeling objectified by the world. M devises a plan with his friend to free himself from the constant attention he receives from others.

Drs. Gray and Rogers have launched the crowdfunding campaign in order to cover the cost of materials they need to produce and film the movie.

“The microbudget program is a game changer for New Brunswick filmmakers,” says Dr. Rogers. “It gets our foot in the door. But when you’re making a feature film for a fraction of the funding, you need help from everyone.”

Donations will go toward the costs of set construction, set decoration, props, wardrobe and equipment rentals that will be required to properly build sets and shoot scenes.

Frictive Pictures Inc., the company run by Dr. Gray, Dr. Rogers and Mr. Dewar, are offering perks to individuals who donate towards the production of Entropic. Depending on the size of the donation, donors will receive different benefits as thanks. These include recognition in the credits, a signed script or invitations to a premiere screening.

The current donation pot sits at around $11,000 and they are aiming to raise as much as possible before the campaign is scheduled to end on Sunday, May 20.

Last June Dr. Gray, Dr. Rogers and Mr. Dewar received $127,500 from Telefilm Canada and The Talent Fund to help produce the film, but that is less than half of what they need to succeed. The funding helps provide insurance coverage, lawyer fees to media producing companies, and pay actors and crew members.

“Every dollar means we can put more beauty up on the screen and make our mark as New Brunswick filmmakers on the national stage. But we really need all the support we can get.” says Dr. Rogers.

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Photo: From left: Dr. Matt Rogers, Jon Dewar and Dr. Robert Gray are looking for the public’s support in getting their feature film to the big screen. Credit: Jonathan Munn/UNB