Dr. Christopher Baker was one of three finalists vying to be named “Canadian Open Data Leader of the Year,“ at the Canadian Open Data Summit this week.

“Open Data is the path forward to giving citizens access to information and enabling data-driven debates on issues of public concern,” says Baker.

“Open Data has already received good adoption in the USA, UK and other countries where it has helped to inform policy and accelerate research in biomedicine. Data integration remains a challenge but Open Data will very likely be seen as a turning point, contributing to better quality of life for generations to come.”

The Canadian Open Data Summit is the national forum where stakeholders in the community can discuss the major challenges to publishing data as Open Data.

Summit attendees from coast to coast meet annually, gathering this year in Saint John, to recognize and celebrate achievements in the field of open data through an expanded excellence program.

Dr. Baker is a professor of computer science at the University of New Brunswick and CEO of IPSNP, a bioinformatics company that has developed HYDRA, an innovative data integration engine permitting users to have easy access to distributed open data.

Dr. Baker has also been teaching a web science course at UNB since 2012, a core module of which studies Linked Open Data. His students have learned to analyze and publish Open Data sets, notably data related to Health Census and Immigration. 

Other finalists include Dr. Tracey Lauriault from the School of Journalism and Communications at Carleton University who took home the title, and Gillian Vrooman of the Open Data Society of B.C.

Media contactHeather Campbell