The University of New Brunswick is continuing to expand its reach internationally on the autism intervention training front through new partnerships in France.

UNB has partnered with Université Blaise Pascale to license the autism intervention-programming curriculum, which will be re-designed for target employment in France. All developed curriculum will be co-shared for future opportunities of both institutions.

“We are very proud of the reputation UNB has and continues to build and expand upon on the autism and behaviour intervention front,” said Trisha Fournier-Hoyt, director, Autism and ABA training at UNB College of Extended Learning (CEL). “We continue to refresh and repurpose our programming to meet the needs of training partners across the world.”

Université Blaise Pascale has been charged with the development of a countrywide education strategy to provide an online autism intervention program for existing licensed psychology professionals in France. 

UNB has also achieved licensing recognition as a post secondary institution in France allowing UNB to provide education to students sponsored directly. This license was fostered through the partnership between UNB-CEL, l’Association Actions pour l’Autisme Aspergers France and the UNB-IRO.