University of New Brunswick Professor Emeritus, Dr. Paul F. Williams has won the inaugural Henk Zwart Medal in structural geology for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of science in the field of rock deformation.  

The award committee calls Dr. Williams an internationally acclaimed structural geologist who has tremendously influenced his subject for 45 years. An Outline of Structural Geology, co-authored by Dr. Williams, is regarded as one of the most influential structural geology textbooks of the 20th century. The committee also noted Dr. Williams’ mentorship of over 50 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, many of whom attended UNB and are now world leaders in structural geology.

“It came as a great surprise. I was completely overwhelmed,” says Dr. Williams. “I’m truly honoured especially since it is an award named for Henk, who had a big influence on the early days of my career. I always admired him and counted him as a true friend.”

The award was announced at an international conference of geologists and material scientists in Leuven, Belgium on September 17, 2013.