UNB Saint John’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has proven itself to be a true ‘investment in your future’ opportunity for students, the university and the business community in Saint John.

Over the past two years the university has seen significant enrolment growth; most notably in 2012-2013 the class grew to exceed 100 students in its campus-based offering.

Typically a two year study at other educational institutions, UNB Saint John’s program is packed into 12 months of hard work. The program is comprised of a series of core courses and selective streams of specialization in Entrepreneurship & Technology Management, International Business, Project Management and General Management.

These study choices are combined with an internship opportunity making this program very attractive for students all over the world. Currently, UNB Saint John hosts students in its MBA program from 15 different countries, from the Middle East, China and India to Africa, Iran and France, making the program a truly global learning experience.

Internships, an integral part of the program, provide students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning to real business challenges and opportunities. “We have seen close to 90 per cent of the 2012 graduates secure full-time employment. 30 per cent of whom received jobs at graduation with the same organization where they interned and 60 percent went on to receive offers from other firms,” says Terry Conrod, Internship Program Manager.

Saint John organizations have embraced this opportunity and welcomed current MBA interns in a variety of community sectors including corporate, non-profit agencies and small-medium businesses. Interning MBA students typically work on a business development project that might involve a market study, process review or benchmarking, financial market updates, human resource program development or even a business plan for starting a student’s own start-up business.

In May of this year, 60 MBA interns were partnered with firms and in July another 30 students will enter the internship program; 15 will take academic placements with UNB Saint John’s university partners around the world.

“We have a small, but active and engaged business community in Saint John who invest and support the MBA students. We actively encourage our partner organizations to participate with our students through in-class experiential learning, such research projects, case studies and business case competitions,” says Conrod.

UNB Saint John houses a team of experienced internship project managers, instructors and coaches, who bring their unique sector backgrounds and networks to the program, in an effort to bridge the program objectives to the organizational workplace. This allows the university to be swift and successful in matching students to the right internship opportunities. “Without their dedication and expertise, we could not achieve our goals,” says Conrod.

“Our approach has been to build strong local partnerships with organizations that will join us each year and welcome an MBA intern to their organizations. We value these long-term relationships, as they are anchors for our program’s success but we also recognize the need to expand our global networks and partners,” explains Sarah Craig, MBA Program Recruitment.