Researchers from the Forest Watershed Research Center of the faculty of forestry and environmental management at UNB were recently recognized for their contributions to environmental stewardship in the province of Alberta.  Their work on the Centre-inspired Wet-Areas Mapping Initiative (WAM) was instrumental in helping the Alberta Department of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) win an Emerald Award for environmental leadership and innovation on June 6th in Calgary.

Developed at UNB as a forest management tool, WAM is now being used by researchers, industry, environmental consultants, governments and NGOs across Canada—most recently by Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, and most noticeably so here in New Brunswick.  The modeling and mapping processes of WAM are used to automatically map streams and wetland borders, and delineate areas subject to soil erosion and flooding.

By providing high-resolution imaging of potential water flows above and below the soil surface, WAM facilitates road and trail planning, and can be used to minimize intrusion into sensitive areas that would not be detected otherwise. This means better land-use planning and development, building better-placed infrastructure, and protecting sensitive habitats and resources.

Learn more about Alberta’s wet-areas mapping initiative.

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