George Donovan, owner of Gogii Games Corp., a Moncton-based developer of interactive games, knew that the choice of location for his company was one challenge that would never change.

Disruptive technologies had changed the way the video-gaming industry worked, moving away from large video-game developers to independent producers spread around the globe. This shift had empowered individuals with unique skill sets to provide gaming content for hardware platforms, such as the iPhone and Android devices, from anywhere in the world.

Although the software side of the business could be farmed out remotely, the big players who controlled the production and financing sides of games continued to be in Silicon Valley, and Mr. Donovan knew that’s where he had to be to physically connect with the industry, customers and investors if he wanted to set up his own production and development business and grow.

Yet, he was not willing to sacrifice the lifestyle choice that residing in the Maritimes provided.

His choice was simple: Move to Silicon Valley to grow exponentially, or stay in Moncton and find a way to make it big.

Mr. Donovan grew up in Miramichi, N.B., and obtained a bachelor’s degree in physical education with a double minor in psychology and business from the University of New Brunswick in 1995.

He was introduced to the world of computer technology while working part-time managing the intramural program at UNB. The dean of the program gave him a laptop and a mandate to manage the program efficiently, using various software applications. Mr. Donovan was amazed by the access computer technology and the Internet provided to individuals, and was hooked.

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