About the chaplain

My name is Brett Anningson and I am the Ecumenical Chaplain here at the University of New Brunswick.


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I have spent far too much time on University Campuses – from Mount Allison through McGill and places in between. I am an ordained United Church minister and worked for many years in large and small churches in cities and the far-flung country.

On the side I am a freelance journalist and writer – I edit an international art magazine, have co-written some obscure textbooks on Gnosticism and even had my writing published in a textbook on creative writing! I also have far too many ideas swimming around in my head.

As a chaplain, my goal is to offer students, staff, and faculty a listening ear and an open mind – while at the same time providing a sounding board to challenge people to grow in their understanding of faith and spirituality.

So you can come talk to me about your issues and problems, and I can listen and offer support and guidance in a non-judgemental way. Or you can come talk to me about why God isn’t real and perhaps I will give you a better argument for use with your friends.

For me, life is about the journey of discovery, and faith is about seeing the abundant goodness which is often cloaked by the annoying sense that life is completely dark. I love stories and I want to help you find yourself in the story of life.


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